Friends 👯‍

It is one of the great gifts of having a good friend, that you can be yourself, talk about anything and know it is OK. 👯‍ 💗 #friendsforever


New Single Coming

Working on recording my new single all weekend. I love when we get to this point! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, doing something you love 🙏


S T O R Y  T I M E
This body is fueled by plants
And strengthened by regular fitness and sports (6X a week).
I do not drink alcohol, or smoke
I also limit my processed sugar intake to 25 grams per day (process sugar = poison).
I have never been stronger, and I have never felt healthier in my life, better than in my teens and twenties.
I won’t go in to details of the heath problems I was born with ( androgen insensitivity syndrome ) and that I acquired as a child ( rheumatic fever ), but I almost didn’t survive it all, never mind thrive and be able to do sports, which doctors told me I would -n e v e r- be able to do
Love and care for your nutrition and fitness, your body (your temporary home) will thank, love and care for your beautiful soul right back.